Leroy Forney

Introducing the FLADELFYA 4


Four of us came together in an exciting collaboration to create an Installation that both supports and celebrates the resurrection of the Lancaster Avenue Corridor in Philadelphia.  We are working together under the banner FLADELFYA 4, and this posting provides a small taste of the variety and energy that we bring with us to this project.  We are competing for the prime site, and today is the final day to submit our Project Description and supporting information.  The winners will be announced around August 12th.  Wish us success!

Charles Kelly:
David Hockney’s presentations using multiple views of the subject is influencing my artwork. I work at presenting the subject as a unity of its multiple views and colors.

Yeoun Lee:
My work explores changing moods and emotions  caught in abstract spacial realms:

Edna Santiago:
My paintings often focus on Philadelphia scenes, intimate moments of family life, and my deep feelings for my beloved Puerto Rico:
Leroy Forney:
My portraits express the unique character and humanity of the model as I perceive him/her/it, while my cityscapes plumb the significance of the built environment that is reflected in the visual
personality, adaptation of function, and significance of the vistas we so often see without seeing.

Author: Leroy

A scientist by training, I retired to travel, then landed in Philadelphia to paint - and recently, to explore alternative materials for art. Currently I create Bas-relief Cardboards as my unique environmental medium.

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