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Tony at the Food Tent



My project, to present the individuals involved in, or hanging out at, Occupy Philadelphia is taking shape nicely.  I see it now as a dramatic way to chronicle the individuals there in all their variety in a way that doesn’t come across in the media coverage. Initially  I’d wondered if people would want me to paint them, or not.  No problem.  I’m now pretty widely recognized as “that guy who paints people here,” and almost everybody wants to have their portrait painted.  One guy who always seems to come by after I have am already working on a portrait is getting very annoyed because I haven’t painted him (yet).  The tall guy at Medical who was almost surly in declining to be painted came by yesterday and said he wants his portrait painted.

Dilworth Plaza

Photo: The entrance to Occupy Philadelphia: Dilworth Plaza, in the shadow of City Hall

I’ve refined my equipment so that it is pretty portable.  All my supplies fit easily in my backpack, and the canvases go into a carry-bag that hangs from my shoulder along with the portable easel.  I’ve come up with workable systems for a pallet cover and a way to carry wet canvases.  I’m now working on 9″x12″ stretched canvas, and the smaller size helps a lot, too.

There is an exciting development.  I submitted my project to Kickstarter as a potential art project for funding, and got their go-ahead on that.  If the funding is successful, I’ll be able to cover the expenses of the portraits, and assure that they will not only be uploaded to the internet but will be framed for exhibition in Philadelphia and elsewhere.  In addition, I will be able to publish and promote catalog of the exhibition.  I expect my Kickstarter campaign to last from Nov 29 (right after Thanksgiving) to December 22nd.  Stay tuned for this – I will be looking for backers who would like to support important art projects.

I already have a dozen portraits in my portfolio – the goal is 40 – and I’ve presented a preview at the Unitarian Church in Media PA, and just last week at an Art Show at the William Penn House in Philadelphia.  It got a lot of attention and generated a lot of discussion.

Art Show:  WPHouse

Photo: An Art Show patron checks out The Faces of Occupy Philadelphia


Here are a couple of my latest portraits.  More will be following soon:


Ron Paul site

Don holds forth in the Warming Room (nee Ron Paul Tent)


Jinks at the Library

Jinks was drawing, near the Occupy Library


Tony at the Food Tent

Tony makes sure nobody goes hungry at the Food Tent

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A scientist by training, I retired to travel, then landed in Philadelphia to paint - and recently, to explore alternative materials for art. Currently I create Bas-relief Cardboards as my unique environmental medium.

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