Leroy Forney

Artist, Oil Painter

Faces of Occupy Philadelphia


I’m seeing my portrait style changing and developing as I continue to paint the Faces of Occupy Philadelphia. For the best. At least, I’m pleased with what’s happening, and enjoying the process.

The Kickstarter funding needs supporters though. The deadline for funding is Dec 20th, and that is a problem.  Without complete funding I’ll still have the portraits and the process experience, but will be limited in framing, renting space for exhibition, making a print version and the professional photography that goes with that and won’t have glicee prints. (Consider this a request for your support.)

These are my some of my last portraits before the Evacuation. Lex was a steady presence in the Security Tent, and I think the reflections on her glasses turned out pretty well, and they were fun to do:

Lex was at the Security Tent


Danielle was knitting while she was sitting on the Concourse, and provided this great profile. The style is a little different, but reflects my inspiration of the moment.  I still have to paint in her knitting needles, though:

Author: Leroy

A scientist by training, I retired to travel, then landed in Philadelphia to paint - and recently, to explore alternative materials for art. Currently I create Bas-relief Cardboards as my unique environmental medium.

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