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Beginning Again


This is a start-over.  I haven’t made any blog posts since I was in Beijing last spring.

But now I am excited about returning to Beijing for a two-month Art Residency (March and April, 2014), based on my application, and contacts I made there last year.  The idea is that this blog will serve as my diary for the experience.

The Residency is sponsored by the Red Gate Gallery, a large gallery in Central Beijing.  It provides studios to about ten international artists at any one time – small studios in central Beijing for writers and poets, or larger studios for visual artists in Bei Gao, a small art community at the end of a subway line to the north of Beijing.  Fortunately, since it is an international program, English should be the lingua franca of the group.

I don’t expect to make “Chinese” paintings while there, but do want to explore the way Chinese painters have used perspective, and I hope to make larger works than I have been able to do in my more crowded Philadelphia studio.  In addition, I want to be very open to the subject matter around me, and the ideas and inspiration of other Resident Artists.  I also want to get back to the museums and galleries I visited in 2010 and again last spring, to see what is there now to and absorb and try new ideas.



The Red Gate Gallery is housed in the five-centuries old Southeast Corner Tower.

The Gallery comprises a vast and impressive space within the Tower

The Gallery comprises a vast and impressive interior space within the Tower

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A scientist by training, I retired to travel, then landed in Philadelphia to paint - and recently, to explore alternative materials for art. Currently I create Bas-relief Cardboards as my unique environmental medium.

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